To bring humanitarian aid to those in need around the world, and to bring hope to those who are without.

Our Work

Destiny’s Promise 2018 Visit

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Sherry Asprec from Destiny’s Promise again. She showed me around their new building that was recently finished. It now provides a shaded playground area, girls rooms and even an apartment for the main caretaker, Jazer, and his family. We discussed taking… read more

Chernobyl Zone

Sometimes, while working with people, you come across a family who really touches you. When I first met the older two children, I didn’t know there were 4 more at home. I didn’t know their story and I hadn’t met their mom yet. The oldest son stood out to… read more

Kremenchuk Rehabilitation Center

This rehabilitation center for disabled children is located in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. They provide rehabilitation services for children 2-18 years old. These children have autism and other neurological and physical issues. We were able to provide them with some household items and cleaning supplies. We are also looking into getting… read more

Children’s Shelter in Dzerzhinsk

Outside of Minsk, we visited a children’s shelter located near Dzerzhinsk, which currently houses 10 children. The director of this shelter was a very energetic, committed man. His love for the children was apparent in how he talked about them, showed us their various rooms, and explained the different… read more


On Sunday afternoon, my family, along with Olga and her helpers, took about 20 children from a local shelter to a live production of Pollyanna.

The children had a wonderful time watching this classic tale of an orphan who chose to see the positive in every situation, good or bad.

After… read more

SOS Children’s Village Budget Increase (New Pictures)

SOS Children’s village in the Philippines just sent us some pictures of each cabin family with the extra household items and food they were able to get this month. We were recently able to help make an increase in each family’s budget! These mothers appreciate our help so much…. read more

Baby Orphanage in Ukraine

This baby orphanage located near the eastern conflict zone is providing a home to children from birth up to 6 years old. They care for healthy & special needs children. When we were there, they had 80 children; 20 of them had special needs of varying severity. This orphanage… read more

Cooking Class With Olga’s Girls

We had the opportunity to “teach” a cooking class with Olga Goncharenko and her older kids. Olga started a children’s home for older orphans. These kids, who have “aged out” of the foster system still needed somewhere to go, so Olga provided them with a flat and teaches them… read more

TB Orphanage

This shelter and orphanage has a school within it and is home to 135 children who have all been diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Most of these children come from homes that are not stable or safe, however, several of these children do not have orphan status and live at this… read more