To bring humanitarian aid to those in need around the world, and to bring hope to those who are without.

SOS Children’s Village

“A loving home for every child.”

SOS Children’s Village is a very unique shelter. They have 7 small houses with a housemother who permanently lives in each one. She raises the children in a much more traditional home environment, which allows siblings to stay together and be raised in the same home. They go out as a family often to shop for household supplies, groceries and clothing. The children in the home do chores, homework, sports and the older children help with the younger ones.

Their biggest need at this time was an increase in their food budget for each house and new basketballs, volleyballs, pumps and board games.

Last week we supplied them with the new sporting equipment and a couple wooden chessboards that they had asked for along with a short-term increase in all 7 cabins budget for food. We also continually provide them with healthy, chemical-free toothpaste.

This is a very warm and loving place. We are truly grateful for the work they do and we are happy to work with them on a regular basis.