To bring humanitarian aid to those in need around the world, and to bring hope to those who are without.

Christian School of Excellence


Living Rock Christian School of Excellence is truly unique. It’s an exceptional Christian school that teaches children the life skills needed to thrive and more importantly, to keep a spiritual mindset in an ever increasingly dark world.

Located in the far north, on the Philippine island of Luzon, this school has had over a dozen people from Montana travel there to volunteer their time and energy to assist and help it succeed with its mission. The children are very friendly, respectful and extremely cheerful every time we see them. There are 82 children currently attending. It was established in 2005 in a rented property and the landlords have recently changed their rent agreement to month to month with a 10% increase in rent every year.

Quality education in the Philippines is very important. Dante and Alma and their staff have shown their commitment over the years in providing not only excellent academics but also building a firm foundation of biblical truth in the children entrusted to them.

Over the next year or so we will be raising funds for a permanent school building on the acreage they were able to purchase a few years ago.

To start the campaign, we recently brought back some Filipino handicraft bracelets to raise funds. There are a few different designs to choose from. They are $5 each. If you’re interested in buying one, please contact us