To bring humanitarian aid to those in need around the world, and to bring hope to those who are without.

Current Missions

Ongoing work with the school in Batac

We were able to provide them with all of the schoolbooks each child would need for a full year. We also continue to strategize with the administration to move in the direction of being completely self-sustaining. We put together some rough plans with 3 different stages while there. Along… read more

Continuing Work with Disabled Children

We are still working with Janna (the 7yo girl who has Cerebral Palsy) and her family. We are now working with two other children with CP, Duane (age 3) and JR (age 9). JR is at the SOS Children’s Village in Manila and Duane is a neighbor of Janna’s… read more

Progress at Destiny’s Promise

The new building is coming along great and is nearing completion!

We were able to provide the orphanage with a few missing items. They still needed a commercial washer and additional ceiling fans for the new space. We are happy to help and very thankful for the work that Sherry… read more

SOS Children’s Village

“A loving home for every child.”

SOS Children’s Village is a very unique shelter. They have 7 small houses with a housemother who permanently lives in each one. She raises the children in a much more traditional home environment, which allows siblings to stay together and be raised in the… read more

Christian School of Excellence


Living Rock Christian School of Excellence is truly unique. It’s an exceptional Christian school that teaches children the life skills needed to thrive and more importantly, to keep a spiritual mindset in an ever increasingly dark world.

Located in the far north, on the Philippine island of Luzon, this school… read more

Compassion Springs


In the US we’re fortunate to have billions of gallons of clean water delivered daily to our homes, then piped away when we’re done. In most undeveloped countries, this is not the case. Through our ongoing work with orphanages on the island of Luzon, we found Shekinah Home, a… read more

Update on Destiny’s Promise


This past June, we purchased a new motorcycle for Destiny’s Promise Home for Children. Now, after it has been broken in and with more donated funds in hand, we were able to complete the mission by having the sidecar installed!

Sherry, the caregivers and especially the children are excited and… read more

ROC Wheels (Reach Out & Care)

Mobility is something most of us take for granted. Even if our mobility is limited by the necessity of crutches or a wheelchair, we are still able to get around and not be limited by most places we can go and things we can do. This is due to… read more

Belarus Children’s Shelters

We are currently working with two children’s shelters in Belarus. Belarus is one of the poorest European countries, having an average monthly salary of $200 USD with the cost of living being almost as expensive as any western country.
Professional workers, like doctors or teachers, typically earn the same or… read more

Destiny’s Promise

Destiny’s Promise Home for Children Foundation started as a vision in the hearts of Manny and Sherry Asprec.  Manny, a Filipino, and Sherry, a Michigan native, moved to the Philippines 7 years ago from Nepal with the purpose of starting a self-sufficient orphanage just outside of Manila. Their hearts… read more